Relationship System

I saw that there was some interest in a relationship system elsewhere and how it might be accomplished via plug in but I was curious if there was ever movement for it as a feature. Trying to create something to keep track of a simple “favor system” where there can be +1 and -1 from certain dialogue options.

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This isn’t “as a feature” but I basically ended up hacking the skill system to be this.

Yeah, generally you can use scripting and/or plugins to do pretty much anything even if it’s not a feature, the scripting system is a whole language so you can track relationship data and create custom functions for it and so on

Otherwise relationship systems are extremely game specific as features and could be done in a ton of ways, it’s hard to have one general way in the engine that would work for every game. Probably makes more sense as a plugin

The plugin system is actually fairly easy to use if you’ve ever programmed before. Especially easy if you’ve used Vue. If you need any help, just holler.