Critical Success and Failure system

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to implement an auto success and auto fail system for specific number rolls on the dice. For instance, if you have a 2 D10 system and when rolling double 10’s bypassing a skill check or when rolling double 1’s automatically failing. The easiest example I can think of is how Disco Elysium functions.

I just checked the code in the framework and I don’t see anything for that. Perhaps I’m missing something, but otherwise I’d recommend submitting an enhancement request.

Yeah there isn’t anything to do that, it would have to be added to the engine. or you can fake it in some other way.

It could be done by modifying the checkIfRollSucceeded function and adding new options to the skillchecks config to let people enable and configure a “always fail on those values” or “always succeed on those values”.

Ideally something like this should also have feedback to the player, but that would be a bit more complicated to add

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I’m guessing we could add a tooltip with roll details on the succeed/failure tag like you have for keywords. In there we could easily add a “Critical Success!” “Critical Failure!” messages. I know you already have that enhancement in the backlog for something close to this. If I have time I can build that out.

It should probably get printed out as a little widget in the text and not just as a hover popup ideally

Yeah that’d make sense. Instead of just writing “Success” it’d be “Critical Success”?

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