Question about roll system

I was playing around with the skill roll in choices (version 3.3.1) and noticed that the text after the roll-clause would’t show up in the dialogue box. For example when I use the code from the showcase demo

        roll someSkillCheck testSkill 50 "This choice will run a skill check":
            success "Skill check succeeded":
                "This line will appear if the skill check succeeds"
            failure "Skill check failed":
                "This line will appear if the skill check fails"

the text “This choice will run a skill check” will just disappear after I click the choice. However normal choices without a condition or roll behavior would show up in the dialog box. I’m wondering if that’s a fixed feature or is there anyway to change the settings so the text after a roll choice would show up again.

Also, the text (like “Skill check succeeded” and “Skill check failed”) after the success and failure also wouldn’t show up.

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Yeah, the intention is that you add your own text for what happens after.

Initially the engine was writing that text in the content, and also using the success/failure texts, but it causes some problems.

A lot of games want to do very specific things on skill checks, and one common thing is that the description of a choice given to the player (here “This choice will run a skill check”) isn’t necessarily the same thing as what you want to appear in the game text. the character might say something else, or there might be a description of an action instead.

So the pattern is more to use the first line of script after success/failure to do what you want to do. For example in the test script there’s this:

    "test skill roll"
    roll testSkillCheck agility 14 "Test this skill roll":
        "You succeed!"
        "You fail!"

You can use something like this to print some kind of action description. But instead you could use a talk command to make the player say something, or whatever else. It’s more flexible.

I think the text option after success/failure was removed because of this, although it would be nice if the text there could be appended to the bit of text that says you succeeded or failed… so I should probably look at adding this back.

So it would probably be better if instead of this:

It did this (using whatever text is added next to the “failure” line, if there is one)


Yeah I’d love to have the text after success or failure line back. I think the history text in the dialog box can help the players to review the story. So for example the text after the failure line reminds the player of what exact choice they’ve choosed and failed. The text under the failure line is more like a description of the consequences after they failed, which is in my opinion a different thing.

Btw is there any way to change the text of Success and Failure in the result? I mean I know how to customize the skill name and the difficulty text in

[Agility - Extremely Hard(11) - Failure]

but I want to change the Failure text to another language for non-English speakers. Is that possible?

Not possible yet to change that string there isn’t any option for it