Skill Levelling System

Been messing around with the engine and its capabilities for a few weeks now, and I’m really enjoying it! I’m no programmer, so I’ve been doing my best with my limited knowledge - and I’m wondering if anyone’s already worked out a way to make it so that the player is in charge of what skills get levelled up, rather than it being an automatic process based on the XP levels. e.g., when you reach a certain level of XP, you have the manual choice to say ‘yes, i would like to increase Dexterity/Charisma/Wisdom by one level now’ - possibly located within the Skills menu as-is?

Forgive me if this is either too simple or too complex a question, and thank you in advance!

There’s no screen for assigning skill points. I wanted to make one eventually for things like character creation, but for now leveling is just done via xp.

If you want people to assign skill points themselves, you can just make an interactive menu in the game with a choice command where you let people choose where to use skill points, and then based on the choice you can manually increase or change skill levels yourself.

Technically you can also make a custom UI for it yourself using buttons or sprites but that’s more work. Other option would be to create a plugin to do it and add your own UI for it in the engine, but you need to know how to create Vue components etc to do that