Poll: what features do you want the most next?

What features do you want to see the most next?

I’m trying to get an idea of what people are the most interested in.
You can pick up to two options. Please don’t hesitate to also post in this thread with more ideas or thoughts. I might add options to the poll based on suggestions too.

  • Basic localisation support
  • Gamepad support
  • Ingame graphic settings on pc for windowed, fullscreen etc
  • Twitch integration so streamers can make their viewers vote on some choices
  • More tutorials and examples (tell me what kind)
  • Other (post in the thread about it)

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i think I posted about this on the discord a long time ago (and im not that narrat-savvy Yet, so I don’t know if the limitation here is my own skill) BUT:
I would love a way to switch between different dialogue layouts during the story! So the ability to save and load different types of dialog boxes and placement and switch it around at will.
(personally i think it’d be really nice for stuff like making verbal combat segments, or switching from bottom to side dialog boxes depending on background art.)

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Yep, I was thinking about that recently. It actually should be possible without adding any features to the engine but I’d need to experiment and document the process. Basically the idea would be:

  • Create two different CSS files for both possible “themes” (assuming you want to change fonts, colors, etc)
  • Have a little piece of js code in a plugin that can toggle between the two CSS stylesheets (that’s the part I’m not sure how to do but should be easy)
  • Then in a narrat function use that, and if needed edit the config to change the size/position of the dialog panel to match whatever style is wanted.

That should be enough to make a game able to switch between different themes

This is also something I would find really useful. Since Narrat can easilly support different types of games than the initial VN pitch (strategy, JRPG etc) having the ability to switch styles would make these a lot better, as the current limitation with these games is having less control over the dialogue box (though it’s currently possible to make your own dialogue screens using sprites etc!)

I’ve just made this now, there’s an example game for it that also has a bit of documentation explaining how it works.

Here’s a demo of it:


I know this is from 6 months ago but I would definitely like a more consolidated tutorial about how to actually get started using Narrat.
There’s a lot of good documentation but the way it’s broken into pieces on dozens of different pages makes it less than digestible for me.

I’m sure some people are fine with the overview and other pages as-is, and that’s great, but I just find it hard to piece together the way it’s presented, especially without a GUI to poke around in, and I’d certainly appreciate a more streamlined “basics” section or tutorial, all on one page, in one tab, that goes over how to use Narrat to create something extremely simple, from start to finish.

Like a “how-to” for toddlers :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I want to do that but it takes time to make those kinds of tutorials and I never got around to it, especially since when I have time to spend on Narrat it’s usually spent coding or writing the other basic feature docs

The docs are open source though. All the pages have an edit button, and the docs are all just markdown files in the docs folder of the repo. You can pretty easily add tutorials or useful bits of docs

I think I’m going to do this in February after I release my first project. As a non-coder, Narrat is the first engine that’s ever clicked with me, so I want to give back


Nice, well good luck if you do and thanks :smiley:

I look forward to it! It would certainly help people like me :slight_smile: