January/February 2024 feature/bug requests thread

Same thread as usual, this is a new thread to take any feature or bug requests that are relevant to current projects.

If you reply to this post with some change, new feature, bugfix, workflow improvement etc. I might be able to implement it.

The point of this thread is to take requests relevant to current projects in development, to unblock people in their current work. If it’s just a theoretical idea but you’re not planning to use it in any game, then you can suggest it but it probably won’t be prioritised.

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Hi Liana ^^

We’re entering our final stretch with our game now, it’s due in 2 weeks.
Right now we’ve got an issue where all our animated screens (normal .mp4s) flash black for a frame before playing. Initially we thought it was loading, now I’m not sure anymore - either way, it’d be really cool if there was some way of fixing it.
(it seems like it’s literally a black flash, not just an absence of image, since it also appears when it’s a layer on top of a loaded image)

i’m not sure if it’s technically possible to add a buffer or something similar - i also tried preloading but im not sure if im doing something wrong or if it just doesn’t work with the mp4 options.

not a dealbreaker but it’d be pretty cool if there was some way to fix it!

thanks : )

It does sound like it could be preloading but it’s hard to say without seeing

I’m going to see if I can add a simple way to list videos to preload and we could see if it fixes it

that would be really nice!! it’s not a dealbreaker but if you find the time we’ll be super grateful ^^

I’ve just released narrat 3.9.4 which has that now.

There’s a new preload.yaml config file for listing files to be preloaded, like in this example. Needs to be added to the config files list like others to be used too.

Then in screens the videos can be used by key, like here. If you don’t want to change existing paths you can probably make the key the same thing as the file path.

I’ve also started making a new doc page that lists all possible config files with links to example files and their type definitions to make it easier to find available config options

Also the new narrat 3.9.4 requires node.js 20+ now and might complain if you’re on an older version, so if it does, just install the latest LTS version of node.js

I’ve found a bug!!! yippiee!!! yahoo!!!

if you hover over a tooltip before the message stops typing, It can get stuck on the screen. this tooltip will not disappear until you hover over a different tooltip!
(this is in a build.)

Yeah that sounds like something that could happen. I’ll have to look into fixing that…

That UI theme looks nice, I like the color scheme

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all credit goes to @lea thank you lea!!!

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