Narrat Editor discussions - What kind of features do you want?

There is an early preview of the new Narrat Editor available, which you can download here. For now it’s very basic and probably not very useful, but it can open your game project and let you edit it.

I have a lot of ideas for things to do next, but I’m also curious if anyone has ideas of useful workflows that having a desktop editor could enable?

Things I have in mind for now:

  • Add ways to create/update/build projects from the editor to avoid the terminal
  • Add a way to pop-out the game window into a separate window
  • Tabs, keyboard shortcuts etc for the text editor
  • More autocompletion/suggestions of narrat commands in the editor

Other things that would be cool but harder to make:

  • Screen editor where it’s possible to drag and drop buttons etc to place them visually
  • Config files editor, where a yaml file can be opened in a visual editor that knows about the possible config values and makes it easy to add config options without needing to look them up
  • Some kind of visual scripting editor showing labels as flowcharts

Separate window for the game is a must! Apart from that, drag&drop buttons wouldn’t be super useful to me, but a way to read cursor coordinates really would help position both buttons and sprites :slight_smile:

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It would be nice if there was a feature for critical successes and failures to bypass checks if certain numbers are rolled. For instance how Disco Elysium does its 2D6 Midnight = auto success and Snake eyes = Auto fail.