Help building exe, fuzzy visuals and full screen

I need to build my game, and planned to do so as an executable. I am having one trouble, and also a realization–

for one, I cant figure out how to get the game to start maximized. in the electron-main.js i have “fullscreenable: true” and also “maximized: true”… as i understood thats how I’d do it? but obvs, it hasnt worked- the screen comes up at the resolution i chose but it didnt start full screen and the ‘maximize’ button in the corner of the window it greyed out too.

secondly, i did notice this when i was running it local through development but it is even more obvious with the exe’s resolution… but the text some some other small details are fuzzy- like, anti-aliased i assume. i have pixel fonts in my game that have no anti-aliasing and its pretty obvious on one of the big fonts, actually making it a bit hard to read in some places… is there a way to change this?

There’s probably a function you can call in the electron file to make it go full screen once it’s open, just need to look at electron docs

As for fonts I don’t know. The game is scaling up if you go up in resolution compared to whatever resolution you’re making your game in, so it could be that. If you make the game in 720p and play on a 4k monitor for example it’s a big difference

Narrat doesnt have multi resolution (intentionally, because once you add that everything becomes much more complicated to implement in games as you can’t just have fixed sizes)

I’m not sure if browser scaling scales the fonts up in a way that preserves quality or not. Maybe there are also css options to look into for how scaling is done. It’s mostly a matter of css, the text is just normal html text otherwise

Or something weird with thaf font. I don’t remember noticing fonts looking low res when scaling up so far on narrat, but maybe I just never noticed

for the screen part-- simple enough, i did find that there was “fullscreen” along side the “fullscreenable”, thought at first the “maximized” covered it being full screen… so that is fine now!

yeah for the text and css etc… did quite a bit of searching on it, and for css it seem completely not possible to control- is all dependent on what someone is using too of course…! lots of people online seemed to ask this too lol, there was a huge variety of answers from many years and if they did work they pretty much dont work today anyways. i will just change everything except my large title to my more readable body font for now.

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