Help with booting up the game

i was wondering how to boot up the game after making the first installation because using npm start always brings up the same error

is there any other way of starting the game other than the one mentioned at the “getting started” part of the guide?

sorry if the question is a bit dumb im just getting started with programming :<

I am not sure, maybe open PowerShell again with the folder INSIDE the folder? I think it has to be narrat_try.

Your terminal is probably in the wrong folder, if it can’t find package.json. Is that narrat_try folder definitely the right folder that has the game you created with create_narrat and has package.json and all the other files in it?

Also might help to see the commands you typed and in which folder you were if not

yes thank you so so much it was just that!

turns out it was just one folder deeper thank you for the input tho

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