Disabling choices?

Is there some way to disable a choice without hiding it? I’m thinking about tutorialization in particular for certain things and it would help to have one choice be clickable while the others aren’t.

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I don’t think there is right now, only choices that can get disabled are skill checks that have failed, there’s no concept of disabled choices outside of that

I should probably add it though


I can second having this feature would be really helpful! I’m having trouble managing branching dialog when I want the player to return to a sort’ve ‘home base’ of choices without being able to pick the one they already went for. It’d be nice to be able to hide and disable all kinds of choices and not just skill-based ones.

You can definitely hide them with a condition, it’s just showing them as disabled that’s not possible

But yeah I want to look at adding optional hiding (and also at some point, potentially being able to keep track of which choices you’ve seen so they can be greyed)

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