Some weird control bugs I noticed while testing my game

Not sure if these are bugs as such but they seem like they should be documented.

  • Selecting with spacebar seems to always pick the top result, no matter where the cursor is. I don’t know if this is intended or not, Enter works like you’d expect.
  • Auto always picks the first option of every choice. Not the first available choice, the first choice: in my testing it seems to ignore any if that disables the choice! Surprised the hell out of me when a dialogue tree that was supposed to disable “picked” things kept looping on itself.

This is sort of intentional but probably not great. The space button was there before keyboard/gamepad navigation was added.

So I bound the “confirm” of the navigation to Enter, but space kept the old behaviour of just picking the first choice. I guess now it should take the selected line if there is one…

I’ll need to fix it then, wouldn’t surprise me if there’s an issue with this

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