Which 2D engine should narrat have an integration for?

2D Integrations

For more complex games that want to have 2D gameplay, an integration with a more typical 2d realtime game engine can be useful.

For example, the narrat-2d plugin adds a basic 2D game engine which allows a character to move on a map and interact with characters to trigger dialogue:

This narrat 2d plugin is a custom made game engine though and will require knowledge of typescript / have less features than more popular established engines

So, to the actual question:

Which 2D game engines do you want Narrat to have an integration for?

Requirements would be:

  • Can export to HTML5
  • Can interact with JavaScript on the page in some way, so that we can make it and Narrat talk
  • Free licensing that won’t require people using it to pay, or won’t make it illegal to publish the ingration

My guess is that engines that require no or low code are good candidates, since narrat is meant to be beginner accessible. But we can also integrate with more complex ones!

Once I have enough suggestions collected I might also run a poll to see what’s popular, but for now I’m looking for general ideas.


I’d personally be interested in a Godot integration! I think it’s the most popular open-source engine for 2D game development, and learning enough scripting for things like basic top-down movement isn’t incredibly challenging IMO (lots of clear and easy documentation and tutorials for beginners!).


I agree Godot integration would be a great choice, but I propose Defold as an alternative. It is open-source as well and uses Lua as its scripting language, so it might be a little easier than Godot for beginners.


Defold looks interesting and also seems open source so might be worth looking into yeah

gdevelop would also be a contender if you’re looking to make it accessible :slight_smile:

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Bipsi/Bitsy integration would be super charming.


Yeah, bipsi would be awesome tbf