Welcome to the new Narrat forum

New Narrat Forum

We have a forum now! It’s cool. This forum is made with Discourse. I’ve always liked Discourse, and considered hosting one for Narrat, but it’s a bit expensive to host so I never did it.

Luckily, the Discourse people have agreed to let us use their free plan for open source communities (this is why this forum isn’t on narrat.dev, it’s hosted by them). So now we have a proper forum where people can ask for help or discuss the engine

What now?

Create some threads! You can post about your projects, ask for help or give help in the help category, or introduce yourself. There is also a post about the new Narrat Jam 2, starting in July

Why a forum? This is 2023

For a long time I’ve wanted a proper forum for Narrat, because I believe info and help should be on a website, accessible with any browser and indexed by search engines.

The Discord server works as a way for people to quickly get help, but it’s really not ideal. We have no control over the data, and info gets lost as it’s essentially just a chat. People also can’t search things online and find an old Discord thread on the internet, as it’s closed.

Finally, not everyone necessarily wants to use their personal discord account to join the narrat discord, or wants to be spammed with a big chat room. I personally end up muting most Discord servers I join, and I suspect many of you do too. A forum allows you to follow what you care about more easily.

Side personal note: I think the disappearance of forums from the internet is a tragedy, and having all our collective information and discussion be hidden away in Discord servers is bad

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