Sound Designer and Electronic Musician Looking for Projects to Help With


I’m a sound designer and musician with a background mostly in films. I’m looking to join some team for a gamejam as I’d like to get more videogames to my portfolio, and to get to know game developers and artists in the process.

Let me leave a couple links in case someone’s interested:

Dark and Abstract Soundscapes, Ambiences and Music - this is a tracklist containing a few demos for mostly dark and abstract soundscapes and atmospheric tracks that I’ve worked on in the past few years. Some of these ended up being finalised and published as library music, some were made for theatre projects and some never found a home.

This second one is a brief redesign I made last summer for a contest. It was made in a few hours with sounds I recorded on the day:

If anyone’s interested in collaborating on something just let me know. I do lean towards the dark and macabre in general - and I tend to be mostly into story-driven videogames - but I’m very much open to all sorts of ideas and would love to take part to something quick and challenging!