Projects index thread

This thread is meant to be used as an index of Narrat projects, so people can read through and discover projects.

It will also be used for people to send submission for upcoming new narrat games showcase website, which will be a website where every project made with narrat can appear with links to people’s work :art:

I’m hoping this can help everyone boost each other’s work and reach more people with their games :blush:

Post about your project here, no matter the state, and include whatever you can. Some suggestions (depending on the state of the project):

  • A short blurb about the work
  • A logo
  • Screenshots
  • Video, trailer, etc
  • Relevant link to game, or to social accounts (also useful for WIP projects if people want to follow you)

The games showcased on are a good example of the sort of info needed, though more is always useful!

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