Just released A walk through the forest

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I released my Narrat Jam 2 game!

A walk through the forest

Themes: Decay (of my brain)

  • Personal experience
  • A bit fucked up (debatable? Some parts of it anyway)
  • Open source (not yet actually but I’ll post the link soon, also my previous thread about this game had source code on how to create a similar system)

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:cherry_blossom: Walk through the forest with me, discover flowers and identify them.
It is not at all a game about random ramblings of my brain. I promise :shushing_face:

:clock3:The game is relatively short, depending on your reading speed and if you explore side paths I would say maybe up to 30 minutes? It contains about 10,000 words.

:fallen_leaf: A walk through the forest is made with photos, videos and audio taken during a real-life walk through the forest :fallen_leaf:

If you want a better experience with video buffering you can also download the game and play it on your PC

Content Warnings: There is a part that goes into hard topics, but that part has content warnings before it starts and is optional (trans topics and discussions of sexuality). The rest of the game is mostly discussions of various thoughts.


very lovely game :slight_smile: exciting to see videos in narrat