Putting quote marks inside a choice?

Hello, I can’t figure out how to have dialogue choices that show up with quote marks.

This is what I’m going for:

Character - “So what do you think?”
You -
1 - “I think it sounds good.”
2 - “I think it sounds bad.”
3 - Say nothing, shrug silently.

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Use backslashes to escape the double quotes, like:

“\“my choice\””


hi so, wanted to pop on this thread because its the same topic. I was trying the thing you mention but i think I may have been using it wrong or putting it in the wrong place to work.

as op showed in their example of what they want, i tried to implement what you mention. i assumed “\“my choice\”” is what the dialog to be said for your answer/choice? because it didn’t seem to work for me when i did it, to add quotes on that choice listed (and when that response is put out) while the npcs have their quotes. all other Player ‘talk’ is in quotes but the choice responses aren’t.
I was hoping to use it in the middle of another npc’s talking paragraphs, since what they say is always in quotes, but i didn’t want to have to switch between “talk” and “think” lines if you know what i mean. and i couldnt figure out how to apply it either.

meaing i did this-

    talk character idle "I am asking you something?"
    "thing i am saying as an answer"

to this?

    talk character idle "I am asking you something?" 
    “\“thing i am saying as an answer\””

You can put quotes anywhere inside a string by escaping them with a backlash \ before. Otherwise if you put them, it ends the string. The example I gave was to add quotes at the start and end of a string, but you can put them anywhere

Also I’m noticing this line seems to be using some specific type of quote which is not normal string double quotes, so if you try to create a string with the wrong character for quotes it might break things

If you want to use those quotes, since they’re not actual string quotes, you can probably put them in a string as they are

i was noticing that thing with the quotes (ive had it happen in multiple times when copy pasting stuff into html from things like my rich text documents) and i didn’t notice it happening there! i think that happened when i pasted, and even as i editted it in vscode, i probably still had a quote of that kind sitting in there and i wasnt getting any clear error about it specifically. i retyped it directly in vscode and made sure to not have/leave any of what i pasted before hand, and it does seem fine now! ^^;

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Rich text documents will very frequently do that when copy/pasted into IDEs! It’s a very annoying issue, keep an eye out for it.

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yeah for real @_@ i had it happen sooo many times when making my website, unaware until i published and saw the… idk, the weird code stuff. very frustrating.

It could be worth trying an extension to replace them for you like this


oh man thanks, i had no idea an extension like this would exist!