Menu is completely empty

(Posting this for my teammate, who cant post more than 1 picture yet)
In our project the menu box (achievements) as well as the settings box won’t open. Instead it just blurs the screen and i get errors.
I’ve asked this question on discord before but iI still haven’t found the solution, so i’m hoping someone here has an idea.

These are the errors and warnings in the console when i click on the menu button:

And those when i click on the settings:

:browser: : Which browser? :firefox:
:computer: :windows: / :mac:
:grey_question: What steps did you already try to fix it, if any?
In the menu errors it says “Achievement config for achievement flyer doesn’t exist” and we were suspicious because we do have a flyer involved in our game and even related to our achievements but it is not named “flyer” so it doesn’t really make sense… and we checked but we also haven’t put the unlock achievement command for anything called flyer in the scripts. so like is “achievement flyer” a term that we simply don’t understand? especially since flyer isn’t in quotation marks you know? (we’re really confused)
For the rest of the errors and warnings we honestly have no idea what’s wrong…

If you have the tiniest ideas on how to fix any of these, we’d appreciate it!

What’s in the achievements config file? and general structure of the config folder etc I suppose.

The error message means it’s looking for an achievement with id flyer, so that must be coming from something within the game, either in the config or something in a script.

Maybe another possibility is if you had something like that at one point and it got removed from the game? If the data for something has been deleted in config files but it exists in save file, it would probably cause a bug like that.

You could try to type JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('NARRAT_SAVE_Narrat Default')) in the console to see your save file (except replace Narrat Default with the saveFileName value from your config. Or you can find out the name of the save file when you start typing localStorage in the console cause it shows it:

Then you can see what’s in the achievements data

The debug menu has a button to reset the global save, not sure if it will work. Otherwise if you want to completely delete all saves just run localStorage.clear()

If you have a bunch of old data in your save while developing it’s probably a good idea to do that

(Teammate in question here)
I put in the command and you’re absolutely right, there is an old flyer achievement in there! The debug menu button doesn’t work either atm so i tried localStorage.clear() in the console but it just says “undefined”. did i understand anything wrong? should i put that in the console or somewhere else?

well if you reload the page after having done that in the console you should have a fresh save so it should be fine, no?

ah yeah, i had to npm start agin but now it works! thank you so so much!!
dumb question maybe but do i just push on github and it should work for my teammates again as well right?

The save is on your browser locally, so anyone/any machine that has an old bugged save needs to do the same thing to reset it