Trouble with image/portrait/screen not loading

i feel like i must be making a really easy mistake but, i just keep cross referencing the demo/etc and im pretty sure i did this fine. didnt do any editing from the base and i have my paths all correct as i can tell.

i ignored the one minor issue i had with a portrait not showing way early on because i decided it was minor and id figure it out. now as i try to set up some of the screens, i am simply getting an error for it not existing. like i said, i looked over and over at the demo and it seems like i typed these paths all correctly…

for the backgrounds/screens. I have ‘game’ set to a different screen, but it doesnt show at all, and when i try to use ‘set_screen 00_walk’ it says the file doesnt exist
and all those other images before it, (located in ui) appear just fine?

not sure if there is something really small i overlooked to get this to work :L i didnt touch anything from the base yaml files (config, characters, screens, etc) so i didnt think itd be broken lol

(apologies if anyone saw another section in this post-- edited out the character portrait issue mentioned because i did solve it prior to his, wanted to make that clear)

If you said you used set_screen 00_walk that wouldn’t work. You need to pass the name of your screen from that config file to the set_screen command, not the name of the image. So set_screen game

Also, make sure the path is correct and you can look in the network tab of the browser devtools it shows which images are loading and will show in red if one fails to load, you can see exactly what path it tried to load if it failed

thanks, maybe i had some confusion there when looking at examples when the images names were also names the same as the screen names? so i felt that they were calling for the png’s name, not the name given to the screen. as i was expecting to continue listing them as ‘game’ for that .narrat file while telling it the image file’s name.
i didn’t exactly see it specified so i guess a simple misunderstanding/lacking clarity is what gave me the issue in the end. (i think i had the same misunderstanding with screens being able to be switched in the same .narrat file as i didnt really see it being used in demos either/names being the same and all that lol)