What are you reading these days?

What are you reading these days?

Reading thread! Not just books, anything that can be read.

I’ll start:

I’ve been reading the lord of the rings (yes I never read it), because I was playing Lord of the Rings online recently.
I’ve had struggle reading regular old books in recent years. Lower attention span, too many devices to distract me. It’s hard to do, but it’s nice when I do.

I love how it turns out that LOTR is mostly about hiking. Maybe it’s because I’m not yet at the more serious parts of later in the stories, but for now a lot of the pages are spent describing hills and landscapes, and weeks long treks through the country.

When I’m too lazy to read an actual book (which is a lot of the time), I’ve been reading random manga (currently reading the original yugioh manga which is funny because it’s a completely different idea as it’s not about the card game). Also just started reading the walking dead comics as I’m nearing the end of the story.

And I’ve restarted Berserk because I want to reread the whole thing. Here’s a pretty panel because why not

So I haven’t introduced myself properly yet in the introductions thread BUT I’m always down to talk about books.

The struggle with a shortened attention span is real, so for the last month I’ve been trying to read Natural History by Justina Robson. It’s an early 2000s space opera in which humans (or post humans) take many forms, and are born, or made, to serve a purpose. One of the protagonists of sorts is a deep space exploration starship. It has a lot of points of view since this altered humans have radically different bodies, senses and such. I’m about halfway through it and can’t tell you much about the plot, though.

I’m reading some comics, too. Seeds, by Ann Nocenti and David Aja, about a dying earth and some strange people collecting “seeds” of different living beings to preserve them. Lovecraft adaptations by mangaka Gou Tanabe. Old HP was a bit of a shit person but he knew how to write stories that will chill your bones if you’re in the right mindset. And then some New Mutants old and new. The Claremont/Sienkiewicz era because I love Sienkiewicz’s art (seriously, look it up), and the last series from Charlie Jane Anders because I wanted to read something from her and I don’t have the time or attention to read more than a book at once.

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That made me think of All Tomorrows, this interesting story about humans being turned into weird evolved forms by superior aliens

i am also coming into this thread to say how i have struggled to read in ages haha XD Also i have had All Tomorrows on my read list! love that kinda stuff. the main genre i always read was xenofiction (stories from the pov of anything but humans really) which has one downside: there arent a lot of books that fulfill that, esp in a way i enjoy reading the style of. obviously… was into warrior cats. but enjoyed watership down, plague dogs, guardians of gahoole, and The Sight/Fell the most! and sadly havent found much to fill that hole.

but! recently, i did get myself to read a book, and i am trying hard to push out and away from xenofiction alone because i think its what has kept me from reading more anyways. So i read something I didnt read all of in school, something that always intrigued me to read- Flowers for Algernon. which honestly, if you didnt read the whole book in school and remember it, i suggest it. I wouldnt think about wanting to read a book in 1st pov, but the format is so important to that book. it is depressing as hell lol but its a good read.

i also read visual novels more than normal books too… i have mostly only read Nagabe’s work most recently read their one-shot manga Monochrome Blue. Nagabe is known for their furry manga, and the series The Girl From The Otherside- which i love and would reccomend (its not straight up furry btw- a little girl and a nonhuman beast). Monochrome Blue is a nice gay furry manga. Nagabe’s art style is so unique. BUT i would caution Monochrome Blue for having bullying and (implied sexual?) assault- but cut off/not shown in full! but its an author i have grown to really like! and would at least reccomend the former series mention.

cover for Monochrone Blue to show the art i really like :stuck_out_tongue: