Skip, Auto and the Debug Button to the same group as System and Menu

How can I change the layout? The Skip and Auto Button seem to be from another import that I cannot reposition.

You can’t really change where things are in the actual tree of elements (not without some complicated hacking with vue.js injections anyway which I probably shouldn’t get into)

But you can move them by changing the CSS of the thing that contains them to be more or less next to the other ones and in a similar style


Looking at the auto skip buttons container in the inspector you can see which element it has, and see its styling:


So if you were to change top to bottom and adjust right, you can get it placed next to the other ones:


Which means, in your css, something like:

.auto-skip-buttons {
  top: unset !important;
  bottom: 0px !important;
  right: 350px !important;

Exact styling details would depend on where you want things to be in your game of course.

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