"Failed to load url" on terminal every time I try to use Narrat

What can I do about this “Failed to load url”?

Whenever I try to begin a new game (tried just deleting the folders and using them in different places on my laptop) I always get this:

I’m trying to use it on Opera GX with Windows 11 (it came with the laptop and I’ve been too lazy to change it), I’m not familiar with this engine by any means, so I’m unsure how relevant that is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I really want to get further with Narrat, or just use it at all really. Forgive me if the issue has an obvious resolution I overlooked.

It seems there’s a bug in the game template, I’ll need to update the template. For now you can fix the incorrect line of code in the file it’s mentioning in your project (src/config/index.ts)

It should be a file like this, and on line 10 it’s incorrect: https://github.com/liana-p/narrat-engine/blob/main/packages/create-narrat/template-games/empty/src/config/index.ts

Change the line to

import { ModuleConfigInput } from ‘narrat’;

I changed the line you mentioned with VSC, but I am still getting the exact same error. Is there anything else that could be done?

I’ve just fixed the empty game template and released, so if you create a new one it should work (it’s now 3.7.1).

But yeah it was that line, in the src/config/index.ts file the line was wrong. you can see what line I changed here, or simply make a new game