Situational modifiers

I apologize if I am simply blind, but I could not find from the docs how/if it is possible to do situational modifiers. Things like “+2 to this skill check if you have a specific item” or “+1 if succeeded at an earlier skill check”.

It’s not a feature yet, I added skill check configs with the aim of eventually supporting modifiers like that, but for now they’re not here (mostly because we’d need UI to display them).

So for now you can implement that yourself by simply having a function which calculates a difficulty for a skill check where you add your own modifiers, for example something like:

calculate_difficulty original_difficulty:
  var final_difficulty $original_difficulty
  if $data.has_special_condition:
    add final_difficulty -2
  return $final_difficulty

  var difficulty (run calculate_difficulty 4)
  if (roll someSkillCheck mySkill $difficulty):
    // Do stuff