Proposal for dice-based skill checks

narrat alpha 2.15.0-alpha.2 is up for testing. You can install it with npm install narrat@alpha

It has the new dice-based skill check options, as well as a bunch of extra new options for more customised skill check roles (effectively everything that was suggested in this thread should be possible now). See the docs for the new config options: Skills System | Narrat Docs

Example skillchecks.yaml config file:

  diceRange: [1, 6] # Dice rolls will be between those 2 numbers, inclusive
  diceCount: 2 # How many dice are rolled by default on skill checks
  extraPointsPerLevel: 1 # How many extra points to your rolls are given per level in the skill
  extraDicePerLevel: 0 # How many extra dice the player gets per level in the skill (Default 0)
  successOnRollsBelowThreshold: false # Inverts the skillcheck behaviour so that success is when the roll is *below* the difficulty threshold
  showDifficultyText: true # Whether to show the difficulty text on the skill check
  showDifficultyNumber: true # Whether to show the difficulty number on the skill check
  showDifficultyWithoutModifiers: false # Whether to show the original difficulty without modifiers applied on the skill check
  totalRollIsHighest: false # Uses only the highest roll to do the final skill check comparison, instead of adding up all rolls
  totalRollIsLowest: false # Uses only the lowest roll to do the final skill check comparison, instead of adding up all rolls
  difficultyText: # Text to show for each band of difficulty level
    - [2, 'Very Easy']
    - [4, 'Easy']
    - [6, 'Medium']
    - [8, 'Hard']
    - [10, 'Very Hard']
    - [11, 'Extremely Hard']
    - [12, 'Near Impossible']
    skill: agility # skill id
    difficulty: 6 # score to beat during rolls
    winsNeeded: 2 # [Optional] How many rolls need to beat the score (uses total of all rolls if this option isn't present)
    hideAfterRoll: false # [Optional] Whether to hide the skill check from options after it happened once
    repeatable: false # [Optional] Whether the skill check can be repeated if failed