Narrat 3.4.0 release - Animations, narrat editor demo and some other changes

Narrat 3.4.0 has been released :rat:


narrat animations

There is a new animations feature which lets you animate pretty much anything.

Narrat Editor

The first step to a future narrat editor is here, there is now an interactive narrat playground where you can play and edit a game at the same time directly in the browser.

This required a few changes to make it easier to integrate narrat within the tool, which would make it easier if anyone wants to make advanced plugins/integrations, or run narrat directly inside other websites.

This base proof of concept will be expanded on in the future to try to move towards having a proper desktop editor for creating/managing/editing/publishing narrat games

Breaking Changes

Not a breaking change, but as part of working on the narrat editor, narrat now can be inside custom containers in the page and doesn’t necessarily listen to inputs on the window object.

This doesn’t seem to break anything in my testing so far