Potential change to inventory UI

Inventory sub-tabs

Right now, the inventory has a list of items, separated by categories. For example:

I’m thinking of changing this UI to have tabs, so there would be a second list of tabs below the main ones for the overall menu. Each category has its own tab, and one of the tab could be “all” and display every item.

This is for technical reasons to make gamepad support easier, but I think it would also just be better anyway.

Just a warning in case anyone would have issues with it

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Would LOVE that change.

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Forgot to mention this has been released now in 3.2.12 as I did another gamepad support update.

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Oh cool!

Is there a guide as to what controls the sub-category?

Items have an optional category, if not provided they go in the default one. I don’t remember if it’s explained specifically in the docs, but the example yaml should be self-explanatory:

  - id: food
    title: Food
  - id: books
    title: Books

    name: Bread
    category: food
    description: A bread in the game.
    icon: img/items/bread.webp
      action: jump
      label: eat_bread
    name: Ominous Book
    description: 'An ominous book'
    icon: img/items/book.webp
      action: run
      label: read_book
    tag: always_interactable
    category: books

It adds a tab for each category, and if there’s 2 or more it also adds an “all” tab which combines all categories

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That’s very clear, thanks!

So it seems to add headers, which are nice, but not those tabs. Is there some configuration that needs to be enabled for the tabs to exist?

In this screenshot, “Titles” and “Frame and Integrated Moves” are the categories that have been set up as above:

  - id: title
    title: Titles
  - id: frame
    title: Frame and Integrated Moves
  - id: maneuver
    title: Learned Maneuvers

    name: "Captain"
    category: title
    description: A recruited soldier of House Alzur, employed as a commander.
    icon: img/logos/logo_binary-star-games-2.png

e: never mind, the correct version is 3.2.15, not 3.2.12, it works now