Narrat documentation website localization

I have started localizing the Narrat docs. Right now the following is available:

  • French: Index page and getting started guide, rest redirects to English
  • Japanese: Index page (partly) and getting started guide. Some of it done by hand and some of it machine translated
  • Chinese: Index page (partly) and getting started guide. This one is machine translated

You can easily help localize more of the documentation files, add new languages, or improve the documentation in general by editing files in the docs folder of the narrat repo. They’re markdown file, so very simple to use.

To add a new language, edit .vitepress/config.js in the doc folder and add the language config near the start.

To add new pages to existing languages, simply create new markdown files in the relevant folder (ideally mirroring the structure and names of the english versions), and update whatever pages need to link to the new file.

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Yo this is hella cool, will definitely help out (might be a tad slow with it tho)
Do you mind if I start by updating the french homepage with slightly more colloquial expressions?

Yeah you can, I don’t even remember which english words french people are used to and which things needed to be rephrased in french lol